Sunday, August 20, 2017

You Are Immortal

From my experience as a continuum of soul, I know that I am immortal. So are all souls. There is no death. That means you! The avatar, the persona, the person, the human I embrace in each lifetime lasts only for a flash and I come to know mortality as a continuum as well and my awareness sees that, in addition to the experience in human or any other format being about a particular life and I've had millions of them, it's also about ALL of my lives in physical format. All of my physical lives is my life. See what I mean?

All of my physical lives is my life (singular) and that reflects the immortality of my soul AND my physicality. This is a very deep and important point. Both my soul and my physical component are immortal, not, perhaps in the same body but, yes, with the same soul that brings with it all that I am including all my talents, abilities, awarenesses, understandings, powers, etc.

When I embrace my physicality, I know what that human, that physical being is capable of and that's why I choose him or her. My soul makes that choice every time it is "born" into a physical format. It is not a throw-a-way to take on human form. It always, always has meaning and importance.

It is the consciousness of my immortal presence that is the important key here. When I live in physical form with the consciousness of my immortality, I remember why I chose this specific persona for this particular sojourn on Earth. I wake up to why I am here and I conduct myself accordingly. I remember what I have to do here. That way, I make my life count, I give my life meaning, purpose. I know my mission.

You too are immortal. It is time to become aware of this in yourself because it's who you truly are. This is not mission impossible!!!

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