Thursday, August 3, 2017

You Are Already In The "Spirit World"

To separate the Spirit world from the physical world as if the Spirit world is "out there" somewhere is a misguided notion of unaware human beings. The Spirit world is right here with us. It is us, as we are Spirit in flesh. There is this notion of speaking with the Spirit world "on the other side" while the true nature of reality is that Spirit is us and all around us.

When you communicate with the Spirit world you are employing those practices that are natural to human beings to get in touch with a different reality than our physical one. The following list provides five practices that you can use to attune and align with the higher vibratory levels we call the Spirit world:

1. Psychic powers and psychic readings.

2. Dreams.

3. Meditation.

4. Sharpening your own senses.

5. Using divinatory tools such as tarot cards, runes, the I Ching, etc.

All humans have the above powers, abilities and access to spiritual tools that can be availed to assist in become more aware of the Spirit world that is with us right here, right now.

Delving into the Spirit world is not, contrary to the way that religion, Hollywood and society has painted it as sinister, dark, evil, fearful and dangerous any such thing. We humans are Spirit and having contact with Spirit is having contact with ourselves on a deeper level, not the devil or some demonic force.

When contacting Spirit, your intention must be Loving, fearless, happy, grounded and aware. Your consciousness is what you will attract. If you are vibrating in fear, you will attract lower beings. If you Vibrate in Love, you will attract higher beings. Please remember this when you work with the Spirit world. It's the same as this world. No different, just vibrating higher.

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