"This Is It"

"This is it," is a phrase from a picture drawn by Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh, also known as Thay, that I have looked upon many times without realizing it's true meaning. As I looked at it the other day, it finally dawned on me what it's essential meaning is. For me, "this is it" reflects being in the here and now as a physio-spiritual being and having a sense of gratitude and honor for this Earthly experience I chose. There is nothing more to seek, nothing more to be. Everything is complete in this now moment of my life. There is nothing to yearn or strive for. The experience I am seeking, I am already having. I have woken up to this now moment and this is it. Everything is as it should be.

This perception of my experience as me needs no further ingredient as all I am is here now with me. There is nothing missing from me. To discover and reveal more about me, I simply turn inward. All that I desire to know is within. All that happens outside of me is simply a reflection of what's inside me. Life is a mirror reflecting back to me everything I am. I simply have to pay attention to the here and now because the here and now is it. The it is what I am achingly searching after in my quest to be more complete in who I am. The IT is the Being I Came Here To Be and it's all here, nothing is missing. I don't have to look to Heaven, the afterlife, another person, drugs, food, sex, clothing, material objects to find or be it. I am already it.

The THIS that Thay is talking about is the reality I exist in. This reality is perfect just as it is. No change is needed.

Knowing that you are it, here and now, puts the onus of life back on you, for you are responsible for seeing the true nature of your experience, as the perfection that it is. Nothing needs changing. It may, however, need refining from time to time as you look at the reflection of your life and see that it reflects who you truly are: a mangnificent Being who chose to have this experience.


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