The Purity Of Our Thought And Word

In my experience, our thought and word are our bond. What we think, which leads to what we say, must be pure and clear in order for their to be any power in our being. If what you think is different from what you say, what you say is not the real you in that it's not what you think. You give up your power, you weaken your being, when you are not clear in having your thoughts and words on a one to one basis. I experience a purity as what I think is in alignment with what I say.

The biggest aspect of this reality of being is the ability to control one's mind. When we control our mind, we control our emotions and feelings not in a repressive or suppressive way but in a way that we are clear within.

How do we control our mind? It starts with watching our thoughts and the emotions they engender. When we watch our thoughts we become aware of how we think, how we feel and ultimately who we are. This thoughtful vigilance leads to facing our shadow side, that is, those dark aspects we may not like about ourselves. We confront our shadow to understand it and as we understand it we make it our friend and no longer fear it and wish to eliminate it. It is a part of us and we seek to deal with it and not negate it.

Ultimately, this work with our shadow leads to our shadow no longer being that influential in our lives. It's there but it doesn't control or influence us. We gain clarity and with this clarity we can be honest with ourselves and be a clearer vessel for our soul. What we think becomes a tool not a liability and we can be true to our thoughts with the true words we speak.

Our thoughts and words become one. We don't lie, obfuscate, strategically misrepresent or hold back. We say what's on our mind in an effort to uplift not bring down. We are careful with our word that it does not harm, it only helps. This helping others through our thought and word is what the purity of our thought and word is about.

This purity is a real thing.


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