Friday, August 25, 2017

Reality Isn't Heavy, It's Light

We humans perceive our physical reality as being heavy and fixed where we have no influence on ourselves and the elements. This perception was conditioned into us. The truth of our reality and our ability to influence and change it is based on Light. What does that mean?

When I say reality isn't heavy, it's light, I'm referring to the fact that every thing is composed of atoms and molecules and theses light particles in vibration we have sway over with our thoughts and feelings and we are not and the elements are not fixed, immutable. They are light with most of what we are and what all matter is being composed of, for lack of a better word, emptiness.

What we are is the composition of light into matter based on the force of intent, that is, directed thought and feeling that keeps us, it all together. The intent I speak of is in every thing and we name it the God Force. The God Force is us, the human format, all of Creation and we can manipulate, as in shape, ourselves and the material environment with our thoughts and feelings. That's what I mean by it isn't heavy. We just perceive that we are fixed and unchangeable because we have been told so by misguided perceivers and we believed it to our misfortune.

Think of yourself as a Light body capable of transmuting and transforming yourself and all that's around you at will. It's already happening with you and material existence anyway. Why not consciously be a part of Creation and make your life happen WITH you and not TO you?

How does one do this? How do we use our power of intent? You have to first believe it's real and then work with it by strengthening you ability to use your own intent to make things happen. An example of this is when you use your desire to create goals that you pursue and bring about. This is a form of intent where you've used thought and feeling to create what you desire in your life. When you begin to use your mind power to create in a positive and conscious manner, that is the beginning of your ability to use intent. It grows from there where you will be able to influence everything.

You will find that as you become more adept at using your intent to create the reality of your dreams, reality will no longer feel heavy to you. It will feel as light as a feather.

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