Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Reality Is A Feeling

The reality of life, of the nature of our existence in our physical world, is that it has no emotion, it is neutral but it IS a feeling and that feeling is how YOU feel about it, how YOU perceive it inside. What happens in neither good nor bad. It just is. What makes it the sensory right and wrong experience it becomes for you is YOUR feeling about it, your moral agreement. This feeling is also in the collective consciousness as an agreement that the collective has about the shared consciousness we all, as humans, experience. For example, we all agree that kindness is a better moral outlook although we can also be mean and rude. These moral behaviors don't exist in life, in nature by themselves. For example, when a lion on the African savannah is hungry, it kills a gezelle for food. It does not feel morally bad for killing the gezelle.

Morality is a feeling we learn and participate in as a collective human species. Of course, humans can also be immoral and amoral. We see murder, war, killing, hate, fear, anger, intolerance, meanness and apathy still prevailing very nicely on our planet. This goes to show you that morality is learned and can be negated. Morality is a feeling agreed upon by the human collective and it is part of humanity's awareness that the feeling of good moral behavior is productive.

Since feelings can be changed, I have moved away from morality to impeccability. I don't follow right and wrong any more. What I follow is being impeccable. When you are impeccable you don't allow yourself to murder, go to war, kill, judge, etc. because being these things are beneath one who is impeccable, one who holds the highest standards, not of right or wrong or good and bad but of loving-detachment.

Being impeccable means not being of murder, killing, War, destruction, hate, fear, anger, etc. While being impeccable in my behavior makes me very powerful, it does not make me a part of that which is negative and destructive because I hold myself in a plain of, in a feeling of loving-detachment where I sit in neutrality and am not allowing myself to get caught up in the feeling of duality or polarity. I don't go to right and wrong. I go to I am not in that dialogue. My being knows how to treat others because I am impeccable. See what I mean?

I control my feelings. I don't repress or suppress them. That control is at the heart of loving-detachment, being impeccable.

May I suggest you look at being impeccable and add loving-detachment to your perception. This way, you have no excuses, no remorse, no regrets. The reality you feel will be a better reality.

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