Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Nothing Exists Without You

Nothing exists without your consciousness of it. The fact that you are conscious means that it exists whether it's God, the Earth, the Cosmos, whatever it is. In order for their to be God, God has to have someone other than God to know God. God by itself, without the other being capable of being conscious of God, is nothing. Consciousness of the thing makes it. The experience of anything is a being's consciousness of it. If you are not conscious of it, it doesn't exist.

This whole thing we call existence is a consciousness game. We can go from low consciousness to high consciousness and as we do that we expand our awareness and perceive other things included in this expanded awareness state. Before we expanded our awareness, certain things simply didn't exist.

Your value, your meaning in the equation of life, of existence is pivotal, is critical to existence's existence. No you, no existence.

When you want to experience more of what's inherent in existence, simply raise your consciousness level, for it is by your consciousness level that you will apprehend more. How does one raise one's consciousness? In my experience, I suggest developing a desire to be more, to know more. Once you signal that to yourself and the All There Is, things will align for you to make things happen that will show you the ways of expanding, raising your consciousness. Make yourself ready to see what's there  as it is a deeper and deeper experience of what is really there. It is an infinite rabbit hole that you will take yourself down.

In my experience, it has been awe inspiring.

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