Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Members Of My Tribe

I discovered that I am a member of a tribe. This tribe has no name but is known by the consciousness of its members, the beingness of its members. While they are members of the human tribe, they set themselves apart with a particular difference in how they are with each other.

I experience this difference in how they are with each other as a willingness of tribe members to appreciate, be grateful for, to show respect for and be thankful for the reciprocity that exists between the tribe members that is of a higher level from those outside the tribe. While all of the tribe members demonstrate Love and equanimity to and for all in the human and all there is (our animal, mineral,  plant and Spirit) tribe, they hold an extra-special place in their hearts for their own tribe members because these special people accept them as they are and evince a reciprocity in the relationship with tribe members that is not in the consciousness of those outside the tribe. I call this tribe soul family.

The importance of my tribe is that while I get along with all in the human tribe, I seek to be mostly with my own tribe members not at the exclusion of others but in addition to because I am most connected with, comfortable with and at home with my own tribe. We get each other. We speak the same language. It is a refuge being with my tribe members.

I have come to recognize my tribe members by the way they treat and accept each other: unconditionally. I don't have to do anything to gain their Love. I simply want to do things for and with them to show them that I recognize who they are. This does not mean that I seek to exclude others who are not in the tribe. On the contrary. Those outside the tribe are most welcome. I always hope they feel aligned with us. We seek to understand, not to be understood.

May I suggest you find your tribe while accepting those outside your tribe and find out how it feels to be in the Love of your soul family. It is a different feeling like no other. It is a deeper commonality.

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