If I Needed A Thing, I Brought It About

I asked myself, "How do I create my existence?" My answer to myself surprised me! I realized that whenever I need a thing, I bring it about. If I need to be born, have money, have a girlfriend, have a wife, have a child, get a job, have an acting role, meet a person, die, heal a planet, create world peace, I simply bring it about. There has never been try in my life. I bring about. I do not worry. I bring about. I am always in a state of being where I know all is well and will work out.

Where did this awareness come from? This awareness, I discovered is inherent in my beingness. All my life, I unwittingly followed this sense of bringing about in my beingness. It was never perfect but it was my process of fulfilling my dreams.

I talk about this now because I see many people who hate their jobs, don't know their purpose, have no idea of their mission, are depressed, apathetic and bored. I say to these people that within you is the power to bring about. Your problem is that you have given your power away in that you believe it is something or someone who has power over you that decides if you have a thing. You say things like, "the Universe didn't give it to me," or "God didn't provide it to me!" Fiddlesticks!!!

The power of bringing about a thing is inherently in you. You are a major manifestor. You just don't believe it because you have been conditioned like a domesticated dog who responds on command.

How does one get back to being the creator of one's existence? To start the process of bringing about, use your feeling of the thing you desire to feel that it is already in your reality. Feel it through visualizing it and then drop it. Don't obsess it. Then, allow your subconscious mind to create situations in which you will have to act. When the time comes for action, that is, when you are presented with an opportunity, act on it. Don't let fear hold you back. Be bold, be positive. Be aware.

This process works. It is a matter of your inner desire aligning with the desire in the All That Is that wants the same thing for you. What's out there wants for you what you want. Be convinced of this because it's real.

I am telling you that by my life that I brought about, it is proof of your power to bring about your dreams. Make sure they are constructive. Light irradiates, Darkness Constricts.


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