Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I Came Here To Be Me; You Came Here To Be You

I came here to Earth this time around to be exactly who I am and you came here to be exactly who you are. We are all where we should be, learning the lessons we came here to learn and enjoying the blessings we came here to allow. You and I chose our persona/psyche/egos, our bodies for the experiences they would give us, the excact abilities they have and the potential inherent in them.

When you look upon someone else and judge them because of where they are in life, who they are, how they behave, remember, they are exactly where they should be. They are experiencing valuable lessons while being this particular persona/psyche/ego for the expansion of their soul's awareness and it is solely up to them to learn the lesson and move on. They are where they think and believe they should be. It is no use to change or "fix" them. If you interfere with their life process, you are encroaching on their free will. Unless they ask for help; leave them be. Love them for who they are without expectations of them according to your needs.

Remember, they willingly, as souls before they incarnated, chose the body they are in. They knew of the consequences of the body they chose. They wanted to experience this. There is no need for pity, judgement, intolerance, anger, hate, etc. They came here to be exactly who and what they are so have some compassion for them. You don't have to like them but at least show some tolerance. You too are learning from the body you chose.

Whoever and whatever you are in body, it's where you need to be right now. May I suggest that you keep, you adopt the perspective that you are here to learn. See all your experiences from a learning of lessons vantage point and you will eventually be graced by learning through blessings. Being graced by blessings rather than graced with lessons is a much more rarified experience.

When you are graced with blessings, there's nothing to overcome.

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