Thursday, August 24, 2017

How Does Spirit Call You?

How does Spirit, God, The Universe call you? From my experience, Spirit gets your attention, "calls" you in the Spirit world throught thought/feeling and it is immediate as thought travels through time and space immediately.  You, yourself, are really thought/feeling, so your Spirit gets spiritual messages with no blockage, no interference. This happens no matter where you are in the Cosmos.

When you are in body, on a planet like Earth, the calls you get from Spirit are still through thought/feeling but now you have a brain and physical, sensate body that must transceive these spiritual messages. The main problem with messages sent from Spirit to our physical selves is whether we are clear enough to hear and decode them. Most humans have so many thoughts, ideas, belief systems and conditioning that Spirit has a hard time getting through. Spirit also tries to reach humans through the physical world of television, radio, books, people and many physical signs but can only get through if the human being is awake enough to realize that Spirit is knocking on its door.

This can be a conumdrum for a vast majority of humans who feel left out of the spiritual loop. They feel alone, disconnected. What to do? From my experience with becoming clearer as a vehicle for Spirit to connect with me; I have found that the best path to clarity is working on yourself to see how your past ideas, belief systems, conditioning and thoughts are limiting you from a more direct experience with Spirit. This takes a great deal of desire to soul search and be honest with yourself.

My suggestion would be to begin meditating, going within and silencing your mind so that Spirit can get through to you. Just be aware that Spirit is already there with you. It is you that is not listening. Determine to listen, to clear a path within your consciousness to move beyond separation consciousness and know that, yes, Spirit IS real and wants to talk with you if you let it.

As you work on your clarity, you will get to know Spirit's call and, by the way, it will never be destructive as in telling you to hurt yourself or others, it is never depressive, never fake, never disengenuous or unreal. It is never ego centric. It is loving and guiding from my experience of working with it.

Spirit illuminates. It does not constrict.

The call has gone out. Are you one who will receive it?

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