From my experience with fear, when you fear anything, you "call" it, that is, you attract the object of your fear to you. When you fear, you become the prey of fear itself in the form of whatever it is you fear. That fear will stalk you. The very thing you fear will appear in your reality. So, is the answer to being in fear to just stop fearing? No, it is not.

Again, from my experience with fear, the answer to overcoming fear is to feel the fear and have the courage to do the thing anyway. I have discovered that when I faced my fear(s); my fear turned out to be baseless. In general, fear is a good emotion in that it keeps us safe. We know not to do certain things that might harm us or get us killed such as playing with fire, taking drugs recreationally without knowing what they are, walking at 2 in the morning in a so-called bad neighborhood, walking into on coming traffic while crossing the street, etc. I know, through fear, not to do certain things because my fear has made me hyper-aware. I do not, however, obsess about my fears. I face them and in facing them, I overcome them and in overcoming them, I learn to have courage and in learning to have courage, I dissolve my fears. I approach life fearlessly. That does not mean that in certain situations that I am not concerned. I am but not fearing the outcome.

A very good personal example is my transitioning from being an actor to a salesman to a public speaker. As an actor, I had a character that I "became" and was comfortable being that character on stage. Once I transitioned to speaking to people one on one as a salesman, having to be myself, I became fearful and my mouth would dry up and I would become tongue-tied. As a public speaker, I would get very nervous before every speech worrying and fearful that I would forget the words to my speech and look foolish. I was determined to overcome these fears and I eventually did by facing them, that is, doing the very thing I feared over and over again and learning to have courage while seeing that the client I was selling and the audience I was speaking to were not the enemy. These people wanted me to be there and my job was to leave them with a message. Once I took the heat off myself, I lost my fears. In those situations, I no longer fear-call. I am not in those situations for myself. 

In my life in general, I use my awareness of myself, people and my environment to stay vigilant and not fearful. I have let go, for the most part, of fear-calling. This is an on-going practice where I always stay aware but I no longer go into situations with fear.

This has served me in defeating fear! I recognized that it was in my ego-nature that there was fear. There was no fear in my soul, in my Spirit. When I speak in front of people, I speak from my soul. I Work on coming from my soul all the time. 


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