Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Are Feelings Your Perception?

I was asked if feelings are your perception and from my experience, feelings are a form of perceiving.  From my vantage point, I perceive that feelings come out of emotion and while they are intangible, we can experience them both mentally and physically and that is how we perceive them in our senate world.

Where do feelings come from? What is their mode of transportation from their originating source to our mind and body? Again, from my experience with emotion and feeling, they are non-material aspects of our soul. Our soul is right here with us not somewhere else and the mode of transportation of our emotion is from our soul to our brain and body nervous system. Emotion is how our soul communicates with our physical Avatar. Feelings are not things, they are important communiques from our soul that our physical being is meant to perceive through our brain and physicality that act as transceivers.

Some people are highly perceptive and can feel more deeply than most people. They also feel (perceive) others' feelings. They are called empaths. They have finely tuned mental and physical transceivers that allow them to pick up, to receive and decode other people's feelings. This, to me, is a form of perception.

How does one become more perceptive about their feelings? The first step, from my experience, is to allow yourself to feel. The second step is to work with you feelings and find out why you have a specific feeling and what that feeling is asking of you. In all circumstances, it is best to confront your feelings and feel them while practicing a constructive manifestation of the feelings with yourself and others. The golden rule is no harm, to yourself and others.

Feelings in my estimation are perceptions and I experience the allowance  of my feelings, not to the detriment of myself and others but to the healing of myself and others. Emotions come and we perceive them as good or bad based on our level of awareness. Get therapy or counseling if you need to.

May I suggest you practice perceiving your emotions from a level of loving-detachment. They are perceptions. Ask yourself why you are perceiving your emotions the way you do. What you perceive in your emotions speaks volumes about your state of mind, your awareness, your personality, psyche and ego. I am speaking now about emotions in the so-called range of normalcy.

Know thyself. It is time to lead with feeling, with heart, with soul.

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