Friday, July 7, 2017

Your Perception Is Based On Your Level Of Consciousness

Whatever level of spiritual awareness and mastery that you are at, you are still perceiving from a level of consciousness and that level is always available to be raised. Raising one's consciousness is an aware process that is the true means of achieving greater mastery.

Right now, you are perceiving from your accepted level of consciousness and that is a statement of fact, of reality and not a judgement. The idea of desiring GREATER levels of consciousness is the concept I am proposing. When you are aware enough to be desirous of greater levels of consciousness, you are already allowing your endowed spiritual nature to seek higher ground and that, in itself, is the definition of mastery.

You are allowing yourself to experience mastery by expanding your soul's awareness. Any of the great ascended Masters from Buddha to Jesus to Paramahansa Yogananda to Babaji did work on expanding their souls' awareness and reached high levels of consciousness. This is why we call them masters.

This is available to all beings. You have an inherent ability to expand your soul's awareness and reach higher levels of consciousness and greater mastery. So, why don't more people desire this? In my experience it is a willfulness born out of persona/psyche/ego stubbornness. The persona/psyche/ego keeps saying "not now" to expanding its awareness while the soul looks on patiently waiting for the day that its avatar has an aha moment and realizes the merit of having an awakening. Your human side does have a say in this. This is called free will.

You can stay in a limited consciousness or not. Your soul has all all the time in the Cosmos.  I choose mastery. I choose to continue growing my soul's awareness and reaching higher levels of awareness. That is why you call me Ascended Master.

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