Friday, July 28, 2017

Your Avatar Teaches You

We, as souls, come into a body to expand our soul's awareness through experience of lessons and blessings. The body we choose is known as our Avatar. It is my perception that our Avatar is that complex that teaches our soul. We learn from our Avatar. What does this mean?

Our Avatar has often mistakenly been portrayed as "lower" in spiritual terms than our soul. We have judged our flesh, our physicality as being bad, dirty, sinful, etc. and have accepted that it cannot teach us anything while it truly is our ultimate teacher. Our Avatar teaches us.

By being a persona/psych/ego, our soul learns on many, many levels as our Avatar teaches us how to continue being Love in all moments while at the same time suffering and struggling in body with the myriad of difficulties, challenges and blessings we face in the physical realm. We learn how to accomplish our soul correction, what major soul lesson we came to learn while being mesmerized by all the glamor, the Maya, the illusions of the physical Matrix. This is no small feat. It has major implications for our soul's trajectory. It changes our soul. That's why being in body is so important. It is not a throw-away. Every Avatar we take on is important and is a teacher.

When you perceive your Avatar, the personality, the human that you are as your teacher, you will appreciate, be more grateful for, be thankful for your life. You will be open to listening to your Avatar as it speaks to you in its innumerable ways to guide you to realize why you came here, what you came here for.

Listen to who you are!

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