Sunday, July 9, 2017

What's Up With People Saying One Thing And Doing Another?

In my life experience, from the moment I was born, I experienced myself and others saying one thing and then doing another. I would say "trust me" and I acted untrustworthy. I would say "I love you" and I acted unloving. I would say "I appreciate you" then I acted disrespectfully. I would say "I am thankful for you" and I would act like you weren't welcome. It took me many years to realize what this divided behavior was about and to decide to change it so that my word was my bond. What I would say to you, I would come through with. The more I strengthen my word so that it was unequivocally my bond, the more I saw others behaving without integrity, not all the time, mind you but many times. This, to me, is a major character flaw.

So, what is this divided behavior about where I can be OK with saying one thing to you and doing the opposite? What I have discovered through my experiences with this behavior is that it is a lack of character in human behavior, persona, psyche, ego. Character is not about morality, about doing good or right and wrong. Character is about being impeccable in who you are. This impeccability is the operation of an absolute reality in ourselves that says we are all connected and what you say and do to me, you say and do to yourself. Saying one thing and doing another is the ultimate example of separation consciousness where you hold the mistaken belief that the other is "out there." Great character in humans is shown by doing unto others the way you would have them do unto you.

We are all part of the Cosmic Web where we are all connected. There is no separation between us although it feels that way. My treatment of you is really my treatment of myself. This state of connectedness is by far the most difficult spiritual state to achieve since the persona/psych/ego pushes for separation. It's a continual practice to keep a sense a balance where one treats others as one would like to be treated, where we do what we say we will do.

I tend to be uncomfortable around others who continually say one thing to me and do another. I tend not to want to be with them and it reminds me of the continual work I must do every day to live in unity consciousness.

What I am and do affects everyone and everything. How I affect this world, affects me. The question that arises is how do I want to ultimately affect myself?

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