Monday, July 3, 2017

Life Is Paradoxical, Poetic And Personal

As I continue to walk the wisdom path, I see from the path's perspective that my life is paradoxical, poetic and personal. Being human is messy and at times a conumdrum. It is filled naturally with ups and downs, ego and spiritual discoveries, betrayal, disappointments, disillusionment as well as bliss and happiness. How do we humans reconcile these dualities? My discovery, in answering this question, is that I accept the consequences of my actions and other's actions, good or bad, with a state of grace. What is meant by this?

What is meant here is that I accept fully that life is not perfect. I am not perfect. Others are not perfect. At the same time, this affects me because I can't figure out the paradox, the poem and I take things personally. What to do? I have found that by seeing clearly what being human is and what my essence as soul is, I can remain one who observes both sides of my Self and see the machinations of both my persona/psyche/ego and my soul and recognize their relationship and their differences. I know how ego works and I don't take it personally. For example, ego often works by judging, controlling and seeking approval. I see this operating in myself and others everyday. I also see the operation of my soul and the souls of others. What I have observed is that many have limited egos in that they operate strictly out of their lower egos and some operate from a soul awareness. What are the differences?

What I have found with people who come from a place of ego is that it's all about them, they are never wrong and can't see you. People who are soulful come from a place where it's all about you, they are aware of being wrong at times and they seek to understand you instead of always seeking to be understood. The ego and soul operate simultaneously in all humans, thus the experience of human life as paradoxical, poetic and personal.

The way to deal with this human condition is to accept it, be it, love it, share it, know it, believe it. You, human, are on your very own magic carpet ride and I submit that it's more fun to laugh AND cry. That's a state of grace.

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