Saturday, July 15, 2017

Let Me Explain How This God Thing Works

Everybody talks about God, the Universe, Spirit, the Creative Source as if these are beings and concepts that are "out there" somewhere.  Allow me to amend your mistaken belief: God is not "out there." God is inside you. God is inside everything. Everything contains God. God is the Force of Love, the Life Force that animates all there is. When you talk to God, when you pray to God, you are talking and praying to yourself AND talking to and praying to God that is in everything. How does this operate?

When you realize that you are God and begin talking to God in yourself through just talking, through prayer and other spiritual practices, you touch the God essence in yourself and in everything around you at the same time. You animate, you enliven, you resonate with the God force within and without and then this force opens its ways to you, provides for you, Loves you back.

When you acknowledge that you are God and that God is in everything, you become one with God. You are not blasphemous, you are not the devil, you are not evil, you are one with God because you are God and you don't have to have a savior, a guru, a religion or anything that comes between you and God.

You are already God and all that is around you is already God. When you turn the switch on to your own God consciousness, you have arrived in Heaven, you have been "saved." Stop giving up your power to those who already are being God. They are no better than you for you too are already God.

Tap into the God Force that is already in you and all around you. Once you do this, all is given to you. You see that this God Force is Creative and Abundant and has your name written all over it. Don't let religion and gurus steal this from you and make you feel powerless like they have the power and you don't or that you have to believe some ideas from a book, any book.

Let religion,which is dead, bury the dead. Let the guru find out that you are God also.

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