Monday, July 24, 2017


Humans continue to question the nature of their reality as well they should. From my vantage point, I have come to perceive that the human persona/psyche/ego has a difficult time in both grasping and accepting the deeper, esoteric, mystical, metaphysical or so-called "truer" nature of this reality we call home. What is this "truer" nature? I am interested in putting a thought out there for all of us to ponder that originates in Buddhist philosophy (I am not Buddhist, by the way but I like Buddhist thought).

The "truer" nature of our reality, I have considered, might not be not being or no non-being while we are in body or out of body but a state of "interbeing" where we are everything and everything is us as in seeing the Universe in a sunflower. What I am seeing is that we, as humans, are connected to everything and everything is connected to us. "Interbeing." We are everything.

Why is this concept important? To see the nature of our human reality as "interbeing" is vital, I believe, because in seeing reality this way, we realize that at the soul level, at the quantum level, we are related, we are all connected from the tiniest microbe to the largest galaxy. What is between us is us and is alive, intelligent and bonds us humans in the greatest commonality we can perceive, our soulfulness, our quantum awareness.

Religion, social standing, money, job title, knowledge, talent are not supposed to be divisive in terms of growing human self-importance to the level of making humans war against, hate, control, judge and approve of each other. These aspects are meant to add to our experience in the myriad of ways to enrich our souls while we recognize that we are all the same soul and thus have a deep commonality that we share as humans.

When we perceive "interbeing," I believe we can let go of intolerance, stupidity. and realize I am you and you are me. Not bad for a day's perception.

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