Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I See My Light

Many times, as I get into bed to sleep for the night, I see a beautiful light in my mind that's so bright that I have to open my eyes to see if someone or thing is shining a light into my bedroom window. When I open my eyes, my bedroom is always very dark. I also see, when I shut off the lights in the house, a very bright, fluorescent light surrounding my body as well as seeing the most beautiful color blue in splotches all around my body during the day.  The splotches have grown in size from tiny dots to large baseball size orbs. Having seen these lights that emanate inside and outside of me many times now, has convinced me that I have reached a level of awareness where I can physically see my light. What is the significance of this and why should you care?

I perceive that when we can physically see our own light, we are being reminded of what we truly are: light beings enjoying a physical experience for the purpose of expanding the awareness inherent in that light. That light is us and we can see it. We are not just a body that dies with the light going out. The light does not go out. The body  goes out. Your light gets a new body. I submit this perception as the reason that this has any significance. We don't die. Our light continues. That light is the real me and I've seen it.

This experience of seeing my light is for both the naysayers and the adepts. For both of you, I am telling you that your light body is real. I have seen it coming from myself and you. This is not fake spirituality.

I can not go back to not seeing the light, my light or your light. Seeing my light has convinced me even more of my true essence as soul.

I see my light, I am my light. I am the light.

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