Sunday, July 16, 2017

I Have Thoughts And Feelings But I Am Not Them

From my experience, thoughts and feelings do not originate in the brain and our minds are not located there either. Our thoughts and feelings are translated by our brains which is a transceiver, among many other things, able to pick up the non-local energies of our multi-dimensional soul that is the real thinking and feeling energy/consciousness. In effect, we are not our thoughts and feelings. They do not define us.

I am not my thoughts and feelings, I just have them. So, what am I really? This is a theme I have written about many times on this blog. It cannot be over-emphasized. The theme is that we are really divine beings of Love, Light and Energy holding ourselves in a physical vibratory experience for the sake of playing with awareness so that we may expand it. Our human, physical vibratory experience is a consciousness that we live in a form that we may make our awareness actionable. Thoughts and feelings are what we work with in awareness, not what we are. We are more than our thoughts and feelings.

For example, we experience the space above our heads as "the sky." In this sky, many things happen: rain falls from the sky, clouds form and move in the sky, birds and planes fly in the sky, the Sun shines from the sky, we see stars in the sky. All of this is true but it does not make the sky what it is-empty space above our heads. If there are no clouds in the sky, it is still the sky. See what I mean?

Thoughts and feelings are a part of our humanity and they are not THE defining aspect of who we are. In my experience, the defining aspect of who we are is that we a souls having a human experience. Our souls animate our bodies, our souls define who we are. 

When your soul leaves your body, you are a corpse. More importantly, when you refuse to identify with your soul when you are in body, that you ARE your soul and not your thoughts and feelings, you are denying the very foundation of your existence. In essence, you are asleep at the wheel. 

When you fall asleep while driving, what happens?

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