Saturday, July 1, 2017

I Get It Wholesale

From my observation, many humans on the planet believe in religion with the view that they must accept an avatar, a "savior" like Jesus, Allah, Buddha, etc., they must be "saved" by this avatar in order to reach, connect with God.

I perceive connecting with God in a different way. I grew up in New York around the garment district so I would like to offer an analogy to make my point. People who went down to the garment district would go there to buy clothes direct from the wholesaler which was the manufacturer in many cases. They skipped over the middleman or jobber, thereby saving energy, time and money. I submit that the same principle works in connecting with God and being God.

In connecting with God, I don't feel the need for a middleman or jobber like a Jesus, etc. I get God wholesale, that is, I connect directly to God without interference. God is the manufacturer and I go directly to God to get my goods, no jobber needed.

If this offends you, if you say this is blasphemous, I ask you to reflect on your ability to connect with and be the spark of God that you already are without going through anyone or anything. To me, going "through" anyone or anything to connect with God is blasphemous and profane.

I Speak with, connect with, see, love, appreciate and am thankful for the spark of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence that is within me and in everything around me. I don't need to go "through" another to reach God. See what I mean?

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