Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Am Spirit, I Love My Humanity

I am Spirit in flesh, that is, I am God in form and that form or format is human. Being Spirit, I know the different aspects of my Complex: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical that is occurring all at once. I can observe this, I witness this. There is a consequence to this observing.  What do I mean by this?

I mean that I know the difference in behavior of my spiritual self as well as the behavior of my physical self. My physical self is my persona/psyche/ego, my spiritual self is not. My spiritual self vibrates on a higher frequency than my physical self and I have come to Love, appreciate and be grateful for the lower vibrational aspects of my human self. I don't have self loathing when I behave humanly, make mistakes or am in a so-called bad mood. What I do is Love these human aspects of myself while at the same time restricting so-called bad behavior. See what I mean?

I Love my humanity, my weaknesses, my frailties, my thoughts, emotions and feelings. I do not denigrate myself. I grow my awareness through my experiences and I don't use the inherent weaknesses of my persona/psyche/ego as excuses to hurt, harm or make anyone feel bad or diminished. That does not mean that I don't express my opinion or tell people my truth. I do but I do it without putting them down. I Love their humanity but I don't let people abuse me or make me feel bad.

I am Spirit so I see, very clearly, the machinations of my humanity. I see in myself and others the good, bad and indifferent. God does not punish humans for bad behavior. We punish ourselves. The suffering we create with mindless and thoughtless human behaviors is the source of all human suffering on Earth. Again, I Love my humanity. In Loving my humanity, I am able to allow it to mature with growing my awareness through my bad experiences. No excuses. Just understanding and maturing.

I am not afraid of my humanity. With that perspective, I do the humane thing in how I treat myself and others. Some concept, huh?

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