Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Go Ahead, Be Angry. No One Cares But It Is Killing You!!!

That anger, fear, resentment, hate, jealousy, judgement, bias and intolerance that you feel for others and that you justify by blaming others for making you feel that way are poisons you are drinking and that you are experiencing in yourself while no one really cares and while those feelings are killing you. The jokes on you!!!

Any negative feelings can be justified but they are still in you, crippling your mind, body and spirit. It is you hurting you and not anyone else. Why do you continue with these bad feelings in yourself? You justify them because of politics? You justify them because someone has a different religion than you? You justify them because someone doesn't agree with your opinion? You justify them because someone's skin is a different color than yours? You justify them because someone cut you off on the freeway? You justify them because someone said something to you? Guess what? These negative reactions on your part are slowly poisoning and killing you and no one else.

The question is: why do you continue to kill yourself with negative emotions? Ah, now that is a question and the answer is simple: you are ruled by your little babyish ego that cries to mommy! You haven't grown up yet so go have your stroke, your ulcer, your heart attack, your cancer because your body does speak your mind and will eventually manifest your emotions in your body as various, horrible sicknesses.

What to do? Get over yourself. Stop being so humble, you're not that good. Grow up! Get a life and realize that you and your neighbor are one and the same. What you do to your neighbor, you do to yourself. Period. No questions asked.

Remember that you experience your own negative emotions while you think that you should have them since your neighbor created them in you. Wrong!!! Your neighbor may have slighted you but it doesn't mean you need to get angry and hurt yourself. What your neighbor or anyone else does is on them not you. Let them say bad things, let them do bad things as long as they are not harming you or your property, what do you care?

May I suggest that you simply speak your truth and then lead by example. No need to get upset. Don't let people step on you. Speak your truth to them in a calm manner and show them exemplary and impeccable behavior that they will want to mirror.

This is how you avoid poisoning yourself with negative emotion. Easy to do? Not on your life. Start practicing.

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