Friday, July 14, 2017

Feeling Is Your Stairway To Heaven

From my experience living in Earthly culture, most of the way humans apprehend reality is through a left brain awareness, the conscious mind, logical, rational, clinical, cold, reasoning intellect while subjugating the aspects of the right brain, which is the domain of feeling. While there is nothing inherently wrong or bad in left brain thinking, it is imbalanced in its dominance in our culture and keeps mankind from using its stairway to Heaven.

What is meant by this! From my experience, in order to reach what we call Heaven, you have to feel. That's right, Heaven is a feeling and not a place as we consciously try to understand it. Our entire reality is a feeling. We feel because it's the way our soul communicates with our psyche/persona/ego, the thinking aspect of our nature. Yet, it seems that we humans have no use for feelings as we constantly judge them and desire to get rid of them. Suppressing and repressing feelings is the domain of hell, the soulless aspect of the unfeeling human, yet this behavior of getting rid of, stopping our feelings is rife on our planet. Welcome to Prozac nation.

So, if you want to go to Heaven, your stairway to Heaven are your feelings. The first step on the stairway to Heaven is to face your feelings, realize that shadow feelings are a part of who you are and they are your soul's way of talking with you. Don't dull your feelings. Face them no matter how difficult. Deal with your feelings no matter how horrible they are. Get therapy and counciling if you need to but learn how to deal with being with your feelings good or bad. They are the necessary aspects for your entry into Heaven, that is, the state of bliss you arrive at when you have mastered your feelings, not in suppressing them but in allowing them and then dealing with them in an effective and positive manner. You are both your good AND bad feelings. They are action requiring programs that alert you to what is going on inside you and what action to take. Please understand that I am aware that there exists conditions in humans such as clinical depression, psychosis, etc. Most of the time, these conditions require more than just counciling and emotional maturity, they require medicine. Again, we can use the concepts of dealing with one's feelings in many cases with and without drug intervention.

Heaven on Earth is being able to feel and to feel deeply and if need be, to wrestle with difficult feelings with the understanding that your desire is to face them, confront them, learn from them, understand what they are telling you and what they want from you and to behave in a positive, constructive and meaningful way accordingly.

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