Thursday, July 13, 2017

Eat And Be More Spiritual

Yes, eating affects your spirituality! How is that so? From my experience, what you eat affects the vibratory level of your physical being and your physical being contains your Spirit, your soul. When you eat dead food, you lower your spiritual vibrations and open yourself to imbalance creating, not only an invitation to disease but also an invitation to shadow experiences because you are in a lower aspect of Physical Vibration where negativity can easily attach to you.

Here is a comprehensive list of what not to eat and what are the 15 unhealthiest foods on the planet:

1. Artificial sweeteners

2. Soda and diet soda

3. Candy

4. Fried foods

5. Hydrogenated oils

6. Processed meats

7. Processed cheese

8. Cow's Milk

9. Commercially baked goods

10. Movie theatre popcorn

11. Commercial cereal

12. Junk food

13. Farmed salmon

14. Low fat food

15. Soy products

If you want to stay healthy and keep your vibes high, stay away from these dead foods. They offer no nourishment, destroy your body and bring your spiritual vibrations down. We all eat these foods, I know and at his stage of the game, serious spiritual warriors cannot eat this stuff. I no longer eat the above with very few exceptions and when I eat these things, I pay for it with getting sick.

Long term consumption of the above so-called foods is a ticket to an early grave.

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