Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Being Your Own Best Advocate

Many humans on Earth give up their power to their church, government, doctor, teacher, bank, military, boss, society, etc., and feel powerless to advocate for themselves. These humans feel that they are small against large organizations and are intimidated to speak up for what's right. I am not talking about anarchy. I am talking about standing up for oneself in all situations and advocating on your own behalf.

Why do humans give up their power so easily and allow themselves to be easily intimidated? I have experienced this powerlessness and I have come to perceive that humans easily give their power away to authority figures due to their own lack of self-worth. They feel they don't deserve better and so they stop themselves from speaking up, from advocating on their own behalf.

This going with the status quo and just allowing your church, government, doctor, teacher, bank, military, boss, society, etc., to do as they please, as they see fit with your life is a misguided state of being in which most people are in.

In my world, if I see something amiss, I speak up on my own behalf, not as a rebel but as someone who is aware, aware of myself and what I deserve, how I should be treated and that I own my own power and am not giving it it to another who thinks they know better for me. Undoubtedly, I listen to so-called authority figures. I pay attention, I give respect and at the same time, I question. I question things when I feel they need to be questioned and not just for the sake of being a pest.

I advocate on my on own behalf with awareness, understanding and integrity. I am not always right. However, my intuition never lies and my intuition is what I count on.

Being your own best advocate brings your power back into yourself where you are not at the mercy of anyone or anything. Sure, you can rely on outside powers for assistance but in the end, you must also assist yourself.

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