Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Awareness Transforms Into Consciousness

We human beings are aware beings, that is, we have knowingness that we are here and we never lose that awareness unless we give it up and choose to stay unaware. Choosing to stay unaware is the choice of most humans I have observed and it prevents them from having the single most important experience of a human lifetime: a transformative experience where their expanded awareness can assist them in reaching higher consciousness. Awareness transforms into consciousness. Why does this matter?

From my experience of being an expander of my own awareness, I perceive that the gift of human experience is essentially about being open to expanding one's awareness for the sole purpose of reaching ever higher levels of consciousness that we humans may live as the Spirit endowed beings we are. Make sense?

Higher consciousness makes us available to the higher realms, the higher dimensions, the parallel universes where we are concerned not just about whom had sex with whom or what TV show has the highest ratings, what's on Facebook or what celebrity is dishing the dirt but are concerned with knowing that we are major manifesting beings who decide which bodies we ensoul and concerns of that nature. Get what I'm saying?

Raising your consciousness level is the KEY to a better life and that key is aided by transforming your awareness. Your awareness is transformed when you allow, when you choose to expand it.

Here's a mundane example of expanded awareness: instead of being angry with your messy neighbor, clean up your neighbor's messes without saying a word. Those messes are not yours, you do not own them but your awareness is such that you know that that mess affects you so you clean it up without judgement for your neighbor. Perhaps it will help expand your neighbor's awareness not to be so messy, maybe it won't. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you are not bothered by your neighbor's messes. Your awareness is not in the expression of anger or judgement of your neighbor. Your awareness is just clean the mess. Trust me that there will come a time when your neighbor will get the message. Maybe not in this lifetime but you have planted a seed in your neighbor's consciousness.

That's expanded awareness which transforms into consciousness.

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