Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Are You In Allowance And Receivership?

One of the great hidden secrets of having abundance in life is allowing yourself to receive the gifts that you asked for, that are naturally waiting for your consent. Yes, your abundance is already there for you waiting patiently for YOU to allow and be in receivership of all you desire. Why don't we allow and receive what we desire?

For the most part, we have built into our subconscious minds that we don't believe it's possible, we see it as evil or bad because we mistakenly believe that being religious or spiritual means we should suffer and be broke, we also believe we don't deserve abundance, we obsess over when and how we are going to receive our abundance, we don't put our intentions to use.

The above ways of behaving block our abundance from manifesting in our lives. How does this operate? We are all connected to the Cosmic web, the field of infinite potential and possibilities that has no agenda, that is, it does not have an opinion about whether you deserve abundance or not. It is abundance waiting to be delivered to you and it is your attunement with this abundance that causes it to manifest in your life. It doesn't come to you. You attune to it. You match the Vibration of the Abundant field of all possibilities with your level of thought and feeling. That's attunement, allowance, receivership. You are already connected to abundance in the field of infinte potential. It is your belief system that sabotages your subconscious mind into putting up fake blockages to your potential.

You and your abundance are one. No thing and no one is sitting there plotting against you. It's you plotting against yourself.

All you have to do is begin to allow yourself to receive after you have attuned in thought and feeling to a state of abundance.

Think abundance, feel abundance, do abundance, be abundance, have abundance.

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