Saturday, July 1, 2017

Accept People For What They Are

In my experience, the most difficult human achievement is accepting yourself and other people for what you/they are, especially those you have close relationships with. I have discovered that by accepting myself and others for exactly what I am/they are, has brought me profound peace of mind. I live in relationship to myself and others without need for approving/approval, control and judging.

That being said, I do not allow others to harm me in anyway nor do I look to harm others. I am wary of control dramas, dogmatic thinking and unconscious behavior that wants to attack me in some way. These constructs I keep at bay. In this respect, I m free from ego struggles and battles.

I do not look to embroil myself or others in trying to fix, change, convince, alter, put down, lie to, abandon, shame or maliciously attack. I may offer information that is helpful in some way and that's it. After that, I'm out of there. Detached. See what I mean?

Here's how I operate in accepting myself and others: I speak my truth without trepidation, without expecting others to agree or not agree and I lead by example by living in a state of peace and loving-detachment. I don't take on others' negativity. If another throws me off balance, I simply come back to center.

I believe in this state of consciousness and I have found that it works in providing me a sacred space in which I live in bliss. It's not perfect because sometimes I am not in a state of bliss but I always come back to being at peace with myself. Always!

I can assure you that it's a good place to be.

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