Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Man Of The Second Attention

Human beings live as their awareness and consciousness dictates. Many are in what is known as the First Attention, the attention of the mind, the logical, physical, ego aspect of human nature. Not so many human beings are in the Second Attention, the attention of the intuitive, psychic, mystical aspects of our human nature. Then you have human beings like me and many others who are double men and women who are in both the First AND Second Attentions at the same time, that is, one foot in the physical Matrix and one foot in the mystical awareness. What does this mean? Why is it important?

When you are a double person with an awareness in both the First AND Second Attentions, you move into an awareness known as the Third Attention. This is the awareness of the unknown which I like to call Cosmic awareness, Cosmic consciousness. Cosmic awareness is that aspect of human perception that is unlimited and quantum in nature. We of the Third Attention recognize that we are awesome and infinite beings, that life is much, much more wondrous, awesome and powerful than we can imagine and we live as such.

We of the Third Attention are not afraid of the unknown, of the mysterious, of the mysteries of existence, of what's on the "other side." As a matter of fact, we of the Third Attention are those mysteries.

This recognition of what I am is important to you in that you too have the capabilities to be in the Second and Third Attentions. You have the ability to live your life aware that you are not only your mind, body, emotions and Spirit. You are much more and there is much more in existence than you are lead to believe.

To be a Being of the Second and Third Attentions takes some courage, takes some work and practice. The biggest step to take to move into the Second and Third Attentions is desiring to know what else life has to offer other than the comforts of the First Attention. You have to go out of your mind.

In my perception, I believe gaining the awareness of the Attentions beyond the First are well worth the effort because it is in these other Attentions that you find your limitlessness. You literally touch infinity.

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