When You Say "I Am" You Are

On the level of persona/psyche/ego we humans love to say I am this and I am that. We allow thought labels to box in our souls with limiting identities like "I'm a Jew," "I'm a Muslim," "I'm an American," "I'm Gay," "I'm a democrat," "I'm a conservative," "I'm bad in math," etc., etc. We are at our essence, none of these labels, none of these identities that we surround ourselves with.

Then, what are we? While we are, at a certain level, a complex that is also a persona/psyche/ego that is identifiable to others and ourselves for the purpose of living in and navigating what I call a three dimensional consciousness, we humans are so much more than that and allowing ourselves to first perceive and then connect to what we are beyond persona is the great experience of the ages. We aren't throwing away our personas just not so tightly fixated on them.

Our essence beyond persona/psyche/ego is the soul, Spirit which is multidimensional, that is, can experience multiple Consciousnesses and does all the time. The soul that we are can apprehend the consciousness of flow, cosmic consciousness and more and we do this by allowing ourselves to have our soul experience. While doing this, we also expand our persona/psyche/ego identities beyond the limitations that we have applied to ourselves and believe are real and that we must adhere to at all costs.

We can still say we are this or that but we realize there is more to us and we expand our notions of ourselves and others to include ourselves and them, not exclude ourselves and them because we see they are us and not the labels we put on them. We have expanded our vocabulary of what the limiting labels that we have put on ourselves and them mean.

This soul awareness takes us away from separation consciousness and identity crisis. When we say "I am," we become more discerning about the labels we are about to believe about ourselves. We begin not to take ourselves so seriously where we must kill another because they don't believe in the way we see Spirit. We see that we are both Spirit with differing opinions where we live and let live.


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