"When The Heart Weeps For What Is Lost, The Spirit Laughs For What It Has Found"

What I have perceived from my experiences and what I observe of global human behavior, humans seem stuck in seeing what ends in their lives a "loss." I went through this, so I know and I see it playing out on a global scale. When there is an ending, including loved ones who "die," we gravitate to a consciousness of "loss." This is the domain of the lower ego which I don't want to paint as "bad." It is a domain that can cause undue suffering.

Through seeing my wife die suddenly on her 59th birthday in 2012, I have experienced this sense of "loss." It was only because I have a strong connection to Spirit that I was able to switch my thinking of my wife's departure from a sense of "loss" to s sense of "gain." How did I do this! It started when I got tired of feeling sad all the time and realized that I didn't "lose" anything because I had had a loving experience with my wife for 36 years. That experience DID happen! It was real! I could not negate that. Spirit helped me see that I had really "found" an awesome, loving experience that I was grateful for.

I can tell you that this switch in thinking from "loss" to "found" was not easy as I was so conditioned to go into sadness rather than gladness. I had to literally train myself over and over again that I had something to be happy about rather than something to curse. I did not like being bitter!

While I still miss my wife and remain sad and empty at times, I am really happy for what I had with her and I concentrate on that.

Realizing that Spirit laughs for what it has found is one of the great realizations of my life. I found that it can be used in all situations where I feel the "loss" mentality coming on.

Our human ego sees endings as losses. SPIRIT SEES ENDINGS AS NEW BEGINNINGS.

Seeing life as "gain" and "found" is by far the more preferred experience. It takes an effort to come to that consciousness and one I'm so happy I did.


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