Tuesday, June 13, 2017

To Become Abundant, Get Rid Of Scarcity Mentality

If you experience scarcity in your life, that is, you never have abundance or little of it, you have a scarcity mentality. What does scarcity mentality say? It is the state of mind that believes "there's only so much; and if someone else has it, that means there will be less for me." This mental state really does operate in humanity. I have witnessed it first hand, so I know.

If you desire to be in your natural state of abundance, you have to get rid of your scarcity mentality. How do you do that? You have to go to the place of abundance that is all around you. You must attune to abundance. Just look at nature. It does not struggle for abundance. There is a balance and harmony in nature that is its natural state. We see nature as chaotic. It is not. It looks to reach homeostasis. In nature, there is enough for everyone. Nobody feeds the animals in nature. They feed themselves and they sustain themselves. When they need water; they go to where the water is. They do not worry. They don't think with a scarcity mentality.

The same paradigm exists for humans. When you need abundance; realize abundance is all around you and it is something YOU ATTUNE TO, NOT SOMETHING THAT COMES TO YOU!!! If you want to get; give. Stop thinking you have to get yours first or you'll be without. If you want love, give love first. If you want friendship; give friendship first. If you want peace; give peace first. If you want money; give money first. Do not live in a paradigm that says you must take it all for yourself at all costs. If you want to thrive; develop an abundance mentality that says all I need to do to have abundance is to attune to it. It is right here.

The answer is to live in a state of abundance mentality where you are not obsessed with, you don't worry about where anything will come from. You know it will come; you know you will get yours. Be at peace in yourself with that.

You have to give to get. Giving first attunes you to the very abundance that is already surrounding you. Scarcity mentality blocks you from true abundance and therefore, true peace.

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