Time Expands To Meet My Needs

I make and use time to meet my needs. How do I do this? First, I know time is simply a construct of my mind. An agreement that I made with myself to feel as if my persona/psyche/ego is moving in a linear progression from point A to point B while I operate in a third-Dimensional construct. In the more absolute reality there is no time. There is only now. The present moment is the reality.

In this respect, I have perceived that I can expand my sense of time, meaning that I agree with myself that what I need to have happen will happen in some way, shape or form to fit my needs. I project that agreement as my intent and then I let it go trusting myself that it will happen. I watch for signs, for feelings, I pay attention and when the timing is right, I act. Simple. Time has been expanded to meet my needs. See what I mean?

One of the biggest things to give up is wearing a watch or letting a clock decide your life. I'm not talking about forgetting what time it is. I'm talking about letting a clock dictate when you do things rather than feel when you would like to do them. Here's an example: many eat lunch when the clock reads 12:00 o'clock. This is a conditioning that you have allowed. I eat only when I'm hungry, not when a clock reads a certain time. Therefore, time is more fluid for me. I can slow it down or speed it up at will. I expand time to meet my needs. It's a perspective you have to develop by allowing yourself to see that time isn't real. It's a tool that can be used.

Use time for yourself. Don't let time use you. Don't see time as fixed, sense time as a fluid concept that is at your beck and call. You can move in time forward AND backward, yes, backward, contrary to popular belief.

Time is a thing and as a thing, it can be used for positive purposes. It's not about going into the past and changing it, it's about how you perceive time as a relative reference point.


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