Spiritual Responsibility

My experience of gaining and expanding in and of spiritual responsibility is one in which the more awareness I evolve, the more my awareness expands, the more I must become responsible in being impeccable with this power and a power it is. As I am always evolving spiritually on the never ending good red road, on the beauty way, I am always facing more responsibility in handling my spiritual awareness, knowing it's awesome power and knowing that I must pay attention to handling this power impeccably. I can tell you it isn't always roses and lollipops! You can easily become spiritually trapped.

What does it mean to be spiritually responsible? For me, it has been accepting that as I gain more expanded awareness, I can no longer take my spiritual abilities for granted. For example, I have gained the spiritual awareness that I create my reality with my thoughts and feelings. This means that I must be careful in what I think and feel as they are very powerful forces in bringing about. I am careful not to bring about what I don't want. See what I mean? It's an awesome responsibility and one which is not lost on me. I am always aware of my thoughts and feelings as they create a reality far and wide on this planet and beyond as powerful thoughts and feelings resonate not only on Earth but in the entire Cosmos!

I take my spiritual responsibilities seriously in the respect that I have come to accept that my powers are real. This is not some voodoo economics, some spiritual hocus pocus as all human beings are endowed by their Creator with awesome spiritual powers. I just happen to be one who appreciates, is grateful for and thankful for the awesome gift of these amazing spiritual powers I use everyday to enhance my life and the life of others.

This is everyone's gift. Why aren't most people using it? I observe that taking responsibility for one's actions seems to be a rather daunting prospect for most.


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