Scientific Breakthroughs To Spiritual Truths

The more that scientists study quantum physics, relativity, entanglement and string theory, the more that scientists understand spiritual truths. It happened to Einstein and it is happening to them...worldwide. Here are six spiritual truths that scientists are finally starting to understand according to Lara Star in

1. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.

2. Our souls never die-we just change our focus.

3. Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency.

4. Our thoughts create our reality.

5. Time is an illusion.

6. Ascension does not involve going anywhere.

These scientific understandings are revolutionizing humanity's world view of what Spirit really is. It is NOT anti-religious, it is not blasphemous, it is not evil. It is actually expanding on the tenets of religious dogma to allow for a more true perception of what being God is all about.

I experience these truths daily as I live them. They are real. Many religionists will cast doubt on these truths. That is appropriate for them. All I can say is that science is beginning to reveal these spiritual truths as being valid in the Cosmos as operating and functioning realities.

You are either operating as these spiritual truths or you are willfully ignoring them. Your choice. I am simply bringing these truths to your attention.


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