Post Identity Crisis Reality

What happens when you stop having identity crisis, when you know who you really are and you become comfortable in your own skin? My experience is that I discovered how limiting my identity as a human really was. I discovered that I am so much more than all the limiting labels I allowed myself to agree to believe about myself. When I drppoed these labels, I discovered these things about my being:

1. I am a Cosmic being with NO limitations.

2. I am Multidimensional both in human form and beyond.

3. I am not limited to one persona.

4. I can travel in time back and forth, to both the past and the future.

5. God is inside me AND in everything outside me.

6. I have many abilities and talents that I have cultivated for billions of years.

7. I am not originally from Earth.

8. I agreed to come to Earth.

9. I am on a mission here to increase the God consciousness of the planet.

10. Being psychic is not evil or bad. The dogma pervaded by the major religions is bad and evil as words from their sacred texts are used to justify killing.

11. I do not harm...anything.

12. I love my neighbor as myself.

These are the few realities I live since removing the shackles of the limiting identities that I allowed myself and others to put on me.

I cannot be defined and neither can you unless you allow it. When you define yourself, you begin to limit yourself.


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