"Keep Digging In The Tunnel Until You See The Light"

Last night, on Oprah Winfrey's "Masterclass" TV series on her OWN network, I watched the comedian/actor, Kevin Hart talk about his life and the lessons he learned and used in his rise to being one of the top grossing comedian/actors in the world. He espoused many great things during his hour of telling all about the ups and downs that helped him achieve great success in the entertainment arena and one telling remark that impressed me the most was when he said, "keep digging in the tunnel until you see the light."

This point of view, this perspective, for me, encompasses all aspects of life, including spiritual aspects. No matter the arena of life you are immersed in, the only way to get to your goal is to keep digging in that tunnel of life until you see the light at the other end of the tunnel. You've got to have great drive, great perseverance, great determination to keep digging, no matter how long it takes, until you see the light. This strength of character is what it takes to get what you desire, to be who and what you want in life.

I can relate to Kevin Hart's determination to make someone great of himself and that's why I share it here. There is no easy road to freedom, no easy road to success, no easy road to becoming an ascended master. It takes courage, guts, fortitude and pluck.

These things I have and these things are available to everyone. If you don't avail yourself of these powerful driving forces within yourself, if you don't keep digging, that is your doing and your regrettable loss. No none blocked you from achieving all you could in life and no one will unless you allow them. Those who complain they have been left behind, are using poor excuses to justify that they never began digging or they stopped short in the tunnel.

I have pulled myself up by the bootstraps in life by continuing to dig in the tunnel and have reached the light. No one gave this to me. I did it for myself. So can you. No matter your situation, keep digging until you see the light at the other end of the tunnel. This comes from one who experienced it.

The rewards are innumerable!


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