Saturday, June 3, 2017

"It Takes Courage To Taste Infinity"

The contemporary, American Shaman, Alberto Villoldo says, "It takes courage to taste infinity." What does he mean by this? Coming from a place where I consciously "taste" infinity; I can say that, for me, it is my feeling unlimited. I can say it is a feeling, at first, of freedom from the societal constraints that used to keep me feeling I was bound by labels, others' and my own beliefs, thoughts, opinions and judgements. Then it expanded into my realizing that my imagination is real and it's NOT "just my imagination" as those who dismissed my unlimitedness would tell me.

Once I realized that who and what I truly am, that is, a multi-Dimensional being having a physical experience and my persona/psyche/ego is only a small part of who I am, I was able to see and then fully accept and be the infinite being that I constraints, no labels, no restrictions...unfathomable. I am free.

Yes, it took courage to allow myself to be this unlimited, infinite being. For me, it took many years in this lifetime to accept who and what I am.

I am still working on my infinite beingness while still being in my body. It took time for my persona/psyche/ego to come to terms with being with this infinite state of being because there is a different level of reality of my ego versus my infinite, unlimited being. My ego is Earth-bound and infinite being is off-planet even though a piece of my infinite self is here with me also. It has been a process of reconciliation between my ego and infinite being. That process has been one of my reassuring my ego that all is as it should be and not to fear abandonment. My ego accepts this and is now in a state of higher ego.

This state of being infinite is the natural state of all humans and can be achieved with a little courage, patience and perseverance. I can attest that it feels very good to no longer be shackled by all the thought constraints that once limited me.

Caution: once you accept the unlimited reality of your real Self, you can't go back. Choose this path with wisdom.

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