Friday, June 23, 2017

Innate Sensory Awareness

Every human, as I perceive, has an innate sensory awareness that is not only on the level of the five senses but also on the level of the sixth sense and beyond. This means that humans are capable of receiving the sensory input of subtle Cosmic energies contained in the Earth, in other humans, other beings and from off-planet.

This sensory awareness is transduced not by the brain alone but by what are built in transceivers called chakras or vortices of energy in our human bodies that send out and receive information (sensory awarenesses) that is Multidimensional in nature. For example, the energy of our root chakras located at our perineum deals with all the grounded sensory awareness of our Earth experience like money, security, health, etc that are of a certain consciousness, while our crown chakras located at our bregmatic fontenelle at the top of our heads deals with the mystical and religious aspects (consciousness) of our existence.

This innate sensory awareness of human beings is not some mystery, some esoteric spiritual reality. No. It is how we are built. Each human comes with this awareness built in and receives all levels of sensory input all day, every day. This issue is...paying attention, allowing, believing and understanding these sensory codes that bombard us.

As I have experienced, the primary way of sharpening this innate sensory awareness is through expanding our awareness so that we can feel these subtle energies that are now constantly showering our beings. We expand our awareness, as I have found them, by doing such practices as reading sacred texts, going into nature, meditating, fasting, contemplating, being silent, laughing, droping self-importance, loving ourselves, breaking the chain of obsessive over-analysis, eating less and eating more live foods and bringing more balance and harmony into our lives.

As you do the above practices, you will heighten your innate sensory awareness and be able to discern the energies that are now coming to you non-stop. What this will do for you is help you be more aware of the true scope of who and what you are.

Step lightly here because once you go down this rabbit whole, you can't put your genie back in the bottle.

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