Identity Crisis

Our human experience is a complex of spirit, physical body, emotion and mentality. We experience these simultaneously but we tend to ignore all of them except for the mental aspect which is the domain of the persona/psyche/ego. This ego aspect takes up most of our mental energy because we give it such focus. We humans pay most of our attention to our ego level of reality, our relative reality known as identity. This leaves us vulnerable in many ways.

Identity is an important aspect of who we are in our human form but is only a tiny fraction of our immense complex. Identity is on the level of relative reality, that is, it is impermanent, fleeting, an act, a role we humans take up and play at and with while on this stage, in this sandbox called Earth. It is in these identities that we experience the dense three Dimensional Matrix that makes up our staged programming.

Often, because we too deeply identify with these roles and by the way, that's all they are, roles we take on, we have identity crises that shoot holes in our identification of relative self. These crises happen when something traumatic occurs in our lives like an accident, operation, loss of a loved one, loss of a home, etc. or if we develop mental illness or when we are actors that get so consumed by an acting role we forget who we really are for a moment and we get to peek into the absolute reality where there is no identity. This is the domain of non-identity where we are forced to ask questions like, "who am I really?", "why am I here?", "what is my life for?" It feels like an identity crises because we so believe it's who we are and we're being shown that it is not. This is not easy to deal with.

Then, who are we really? What I have experienced is that I am a soul, essentially, Spirit, having a persona/psyche/ego role-playing experience that I agreed to take on before I incarnated on Earth. I don't like to say it isn't real or that it's an illusion. Our identities are real on this relative plane of reality but not real on the absolute level. On the absolute level, we just are, there is only awareness. When we remember this, we become a little more flexible in our understanding of ourselves and realize that we don't have to see any shift in our identities as "crises" because we are not totally fixated on our identities in realizing we are also souls that are much greater and more expansive than our egos. 

We then can return to our sense of self with a little more perspective where we don't take ourselves so seriously and we drop much of our self-importance. 

This makes us stronger, not weaker because with this new understanding of who we really are, we become immune to the onslaughts that can cause so-called identity crises. We can achieve a balance, a peace with ourselves and become more comfortable in our own skin.


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