Thursday, June 1, 2017

I Have Been Deconstructed And Put Back Together Again

In these last weeks, I feel like I have been energetically deconstructed and then put back together again. It feels like there has been a major upgrade in my energetic body where I feel more clarity yet more vulnerability. When I touch my skin, it feels like it shimmers as if I'm touching my Spirit. If this has happened to me and it has, it must be happening to others. What is the significance of this?

There is a great energetic shift happening on Earth and that shift is causing an upgrade in the energetic structure of all humans on the planet. You are not the same as you were several weeks ago. Even though this shift is meant to bring you more clarity, you may feel more exposed, more insecure and more vulnerable as your social mask is going away. You are becoming more real. Your Spiritual adolescent is meeting your Spiritual adult.

The only way I have found to effectively deal with this shift is to remain calm, breath, relax and go slowly. You are not going out of your mind. You mind has just been upgraded.

Drink more water, sleep a little more, eat more healthfully, stop negative thoughts, meditate and live more mindfully. This is the prescription for dealing with this major energetic upgrade. This is just the beginning as there are more upgrades to come.

Stay the course and remain lucid and calm.

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