Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I Accept My Ascended Master Status

I was born into this life as an ascended master. Fulling that potential, accepting it and being it has been my life's work and for a long time, I was not really, fully conscious of it. Fulfilling my destiny linked me indelibly with my Higher Self who has gently guided me throughout my lifetime. At every turn, with some exceptions, I have felt my Higher Self's call and paid attention to and followed its direction. It has not all been easy. There have been many mistakes and heartaches. It has brought me to this now moment where I have fully accepted that I am an ascended master, that is, a being with a powerful Force of Love and Cosmic consciousness as his beingness and guiding principles of existence.

I say this because I want you to know that I don't take this state lightly in that it comes with a great deal of responsibility. At every step of my life, I must be impeccable, I must be mindful, I must be conscious and aware. I no longer do anything unconsciously. I pay attention to my Higher Self and I can tell you unequivocally, that it is always truthful, even if I want to ignore it or doubt it. I feel it's truth and when I perceive something, I am accurate in my perception, no acceptions.

I have found this to be difficult at times because I see through everything and I want to be careful that I don't judge. Others' way of being is appropriate for them and I am not here to condemn or dismiss. I am here to shine my Light, to heal, to enlighten by my presence, not to instruct, to look down upon, to be better than.

I Accept my ascended master status once and for all. This is more difficult than you know in that I now have to be completely mindful. I can no longer say that the Universe didn't give it to me, for, I am the Universe.

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