Saturday, June 10, 2017

Don't Point In The Sacred Text, Be The Sacred Text

I have found sacred texts like the Bible, Koran, Kabbalah, Bhagavad Gita, the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the many others I have read to be guiding Information and not dogmatic, fixed interpretations of God's word. In this respect, I find myself being the text, not pointing my finger at a passage in the text to prove a fundamentally religious point that you must follow or else!!!

What do I mean by being the text? An example is that I believe in what is called "pro choice" and at the same time I do not condone using abortion as a means of birth control. I believe all life is sacred. My view is to use other means of birth control with an effort to make it accessible. At the same time, I do not look to murder a gynecologist and rationalize that murder by pointing in a sacred text to some words that say it's OK to take a life for a life. That is old, worn out, low energy, low consciousness. To me, both the life of the fetus AND the life of the gynecologist are sacred and using words in a book to justify that an abortion is murder and because you believe that, you say it's valid to kill the other who performed the abortion or "murder."

In being the sacred text, I look to not murder, not the fetus, not the gynecologist, not the Jew, not the Jihadist, not the Black man, no one. When I am the sacred text, I do not murder. Period.

I don't interpret sacred texts. I become them. I don't listen to what they tell me, I live the truth of what they are: sacred writings to be used as a guide for higher living, not as strictly interpreted words used to inflict murder, hate, anger, fear, bias and judgement.

Stop pointing your finger in a sacred text. Instead, live the text in a way that allows Spirit to dwell within you, creating a You that is at peace, that Loves, that is filled with joy, compassion, happiness and not a You that goes around pointing your finger in a sacred text and yelling, "blasphemy." The only one who is blasphemous in this case is you.

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