Friday, June 16, 2017

The Why Me Syndrome Of Unconscious Creation

Conscious creation with the divine is the highest form of the sacred. What I observe is that most of my human friends are participating in unconscious creation where they manifest unwanted things, situations and relationships in their lives and wonder, why me?  Why did she do that to me? Why does that person hate me? Why am I broke? Why do I have diabetes? This is what I hear. When I hear and see this in my human friends, I am compassionate, feeling for their state of being but this state is not absolutely necessary in many cases. What is the reason for that?

The reason suffering  is not absolutely necessary in all cases is that humans are capable of conscious creation with the divine and it is the highest form of the sacred. This is real and is the natural functioning of every human to be consciously aware of what he or she is bringing about in his or her life. The problem is that humans have, for the most part, given up their power of having conscious creation, to be the manifestors in their lives. Humans say, "God will give it to me, I must pray" or "the Universe will provide or not provide." This belief that our human power to create, to manifest is outside ourselves, is the height of unconscious manifestion where, often, things appear in our lives that we don't want, we don't desire.

How do we humans overcome this state of unconscious creation? The primary consideration to go from unconscious creation to conscious creation is taking back your power and believe and realize that you, as a human being, have the inherent ability to use your intent to create what you desire in life. You want more money? Don't ask God, don't talk to the Universe. Talk to yourself and give intent for that which you desire and watch as it comes into your life. The Secret is that nothing comes or is given to you. You and you alone, attune to what you desire as what you desire is already there. The field of all possibilities already contains all that you need and want. Meet me there.

You attune with the use of your intent. That's conscious creation.

Stop Crying when something doesn't happen in your life or go crying to God and the Universe. They don't care. You care. Start showing it by taking responsibility for your actions...consciously, with awareness, with intent, with the knowledge that you control your life. This state of awareness is sacred.

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