Being Spiritual Is Experiencing

Being spiritual, for me, is my daily experience of being on a mystical path of expanding awareness and as such, I pay attention to my everyday experiences and what they are telling me. Yes, I see my mundane existence as Spirit speaking to me. Everything is sacred. Everything is in sacred space. I learn from myself, others and all that is around me where I find Spirit communicating with me and I with it. Sometimes these are very plain or obvious experiences and sometimes very subtle. It takes practice to be sensitive to the spiritual energies whatever they may be.

While these experiences help me grow my spiritual awareness, they are in the form of teachings that assist me in expanding my awareness. I move to higher levels of spiritual frequence, resonance. These experiences do help me know something and that something helps me gain understanding which helps lead me to enlightenment.

This is my attitude about this world. It is a living, energetic organism that has intelligence that communicates with me and I pay attention to this. This is another way of saying there that is a grain of truth in everything. That's why I find it valuable to listen to everything. I may not resonate with everything but I find that I gain awareness by being open to different points of view.

It is more beneficial to be open minded and considerate rather than being skeptical and jaded. Of course, I use my discernment and allow Spirit to corroborate my experiences.

The main thing is, I am adaptable and willing to learn. That to me is spiritual and that is my experience.


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