Your Comfort Zone Is A False Comfort

We all, for the most part, live under the guise of the false comfort of the familiar. This has led humans to live in separation consciousness and fear of "the other."

As Jules Shuzen Harris writes, "there is a basic human tendency to seek comfort in the known, in a familiar world that mirrors our prior experiences." This world is what we are experiencing now with all the strife we see. All the prejudice, hate, misunderstanding, judgement, bias and fear that humans evince toward each other is based on a "powerful desire to align ourselves more closely with what we already know, rather than that which feels uncertain and insecure, giving rise to a willful, if somewhat unconscious, inability to see and experience the truth. We are locked into a narrower perspective and miss out on an array of possibilities in every area of life..."

Your comfort zone is a false comfort of the familiar, however, "opening ourselves up to feelings of discomfort is not easy at first. We need to be ready and willing to enter into mental spaces where we are not necessarily at ease. We need to face our fear of letting go."

How do we do this? We begin with simply not knowing. "If we eliminate all concepts and views, we have not knowing and this allows us to expand beyond the notion of self. So examine your ideas and beliefs and be ready to drop them." Let go of your self-reflection, your self-importance in the respect of seeing through it. See what I mean?

To get out of your comfort zone and experience the true nature of this world as the diverse structure that it is, simply move past any fixed perspective. Remove your blinders.

Stop seeing the world through your rose colored glasses of pre-conceived, contrived notions. Drop your ideations that create your prejudices. The first step is realizing we are all connected.


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