Saturday, May 13, 2017

Whenever I Needed Anything, It Appeared

It is uncanny to me how my life has unfolded and continues to unfold as to my needs. Whenever I need(ed) something, it appeared(s) in my life and this includes mentors, women, friends, family, money, jobs, health, security, Love and more. I found that when I strived for a thing, when I chased after something, when I obsessed over a thing, it never appeared! The more I allow(ed) my implicit intent to just be, to work it's power, the more abundance appeared(s) in my reality. Once it appeared(s), I find that as I give thanks, appreciation and gratitude for what I created, more of this creation appeared(s).

It took me a while to get with this program, to believe this program, to acknowledge its reality and validity in my life. I can attest to its operation in my life with total confidence, assurity and integrity and that is why I am passing this reality on to you.

We are all creators of our reality. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned differently by the selfish who want creation all for themselves. Well, they cannot have it all for themselves as that is not the natural order of creation. All are deserving to have all their needs met ( notice I didn't say wants). Abundance is the natural state of this reality not privation and lack.

To be in lack is what I call "lack consciousness" where you believe you are undeserving of having all your needs met. You have low self-esteem and low self-worth.

I am here to tell you that lack consciousness is a false paradigm. The reality of existence is abundance. It is your nature to be, to tap into this abundance WITHOUT STRUGGLE!!!

To get yourself out of this lack consciousness, start being thankful, grateful and appreciative for whatever you have now and I mean sincerely having these feelings not just thinking them.

I just gave you the key to having anything and everything you need appear in your life and remember, don't intend to destroy, harm or hurt anyone or anything else. Why? It's because it comes back on you!

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