When You Must Be First, You Are Actually Last

The consciousness of being first in all you do is fine on the level of the lower ego where you define yourself as being better by being ahead of. When you reach more expanded states of awareness and consciousness, you will, as I have discovered, that being always first is really being last. How is this so?

What I discovered about this being first, that is, ahead of others, is a form of judgement, a form of saying "I am better than you." This is on the level of lower ego that uses comparison and competition to feel it's sense of self. You feel better about yourself being first. First of all, it's OK to feel this and know the domain you are in when you have this consciousness: the domain of the lower ego that does not care to see the limitation of this I must be first awareness. What is the limitation? The lower ego that wants to always be first does not see that we are all connected, all one. The lower ego lives in separation consciousness and gets its sense of self from believing that it is separate from everything.

The truth is that we exist in unity consciousness where your achievements, your being first, makes me first as well. You are just a different form of me. If I make you last in my awareness and me first, I am really last because there is no separation between us. What I believe you are, I am.

When you move away from ego identification, it does not negate your talents and skills. It simply means that you are not playing the comparison or competition game any longer. You stand on your own merit. You no longer see yourself as better or worse. Instead of looking to achieve perfection, you look to be excellent in what you are.

Being first and above others is the domain of the lower ego which actually makes you the last to see that it is a false construct. There is no better. There is only what is and is not. Accepting your excellence at whatever level of talent and ability you are is the real essence of being first. Seeing yourself in others, seeing yourself in their success, ability and talent, now that's being first.


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